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Mitch with fellow marriage conference speakers - from L to R-  Mitch, Yevette Mayer, Stephen Kendrick (Fireproof Producer, Love Dare Author, Gary Thomas (Sacred Marriage author), Francis Chan (Crazy Love author), Les & Leslie Parrot (authors and speakers), Julie Slattery (author), John Waller (CCM artist), far right- Dr. Gary Chapman (5 Love Languages author)

Video: Mitch Presenting on Essentials of Marriage DVD Series he helped produce

In a day and age when people have little time and money to spend even on important things, Mitch offers a solution- a 1 night 3 hour marriage workshop.

                             Mitch & Rhonda speaking in Singapore for the Govt. Sponsored Marriage Convention

This workshop is a low cost solution for churches and organizations and is an answer to a common dilemma- "we need to do something for couples but don't have time and money".  This workshop accomplishes what other seminars and marriage events takes 2 days to accomplish at a fraction of the cost. Couples love it because its a small investment of time and money but with big results. For more information click here.

Other SEMINAR Formats/ Topics

For Couples

  • Smart Marriages- how thinking right can turn any marriage into a great marriage
  • Marriage from the Heart- shift from a behavioral approach to marriage to a heart approach
  • Top 5 Myths in Marriage-  What they are and how they affect marriage
  • Marriage Through God’s Eyes- See your marriage the way God does and watch it transform your marriage
  • Change Your Mind, Change Your Marriage- How thinking, attitude and perceptions can make and break your marriage.
  • The 7 Most Important Things to Know in Marriage
  • Fundamentals of a Life-Long Thriving Marriage- Simple, practical and basic
  • The Most Important Thing in Marriage  (commitment)
  • Getting the Intimacy you’ve always wanted
  • Marriages in Crisis – Turn your marriage around
  • Money and Marriage
  • Turning an Ordinary Marriage into a Marriage Masterpiece
  • Bringing Hope Back into Your Marriage
  • Marriage - It's Not Just About Me
  • How Marriage Affects EVERYTHING- why your marriage is important and how strengthening it can help your kids, your community, your church and even the world.
For Parents
  • The Best thing you can give your children: A Godly Marriage
  • Smart Families- The importance of knowing, believing and doing the right things in your family
  • Simple Families- keeping it simple
For Churches
  • Building a Proactive Marriage and Family Ministry in Your Church
  • Reaching Families in Your Community - Strategies that work
  • Reaching Dads and men
  • Media, Movies and Culture- how they affect your church

Format Options

  • One night or half day- 2-3 hours
  • One night and one half day (example: Friday night session, 2 Saturday)
  • All day Saturday
  • Retreats (Friday night session, 3 Saturday)

Email for more information and details:

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